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We want to continue to draw a long-term sustainable transportation network on an endless road. In order to make this desire a reality, we continue to challenge the transformation of transportation services on a daily basis with the team, inheriting good traditions and denying the past when necessary.

Wide-area cooperation across regions is an effective way to achieve this, and the propagation and sharing of best practices is several times more effective than improvements made independently. The constant optimization of the personnel system, which places importance on the motivation of employees, and the capital investment to maintain and improve the quality of the transportation system are also based on wide-area cooperation.

The optimization of the transportation network is an important factor in attracting investment from outside, and it can affect the rise and fall of a region. For the economic and social development, or at least the long-term sustainability, of the regions in which our transportation companies operate, and for the well-being of our employees and their families, we are working diligently in these areas. Just as there is no end to our journey, there is no end to our challenges. We will continue to move forward with you.

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After working for Japan Leasing Corporation and investment company of General Motors, he became Managing Director at Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan (IRCJ) in 2003, where he was in charge of business revitalization projects for Kyushu Sangyo Kotsu, Kanto Transportation, and Aviva Japan. In the meantime, he was appointed as outside director of Kyushu Sangyo Kotsu, Kanto Transportation etc. After the dissolution of IRCJ, he established IGPI and Michinori Holdings, where he currently serves.

Partner and Managing Director of Industrial Growth Platform, Inc., President of Northern Iwate Transportation, Inc. and The Park Hotel Jodogahama, Inc. and Chairman of Fukushima Transportation, Inc., Ibaraki Transportation Co., Ltd., Kanto Transportation, Inc., Aizu Bus Co., Ltd., Shonan Monorail Co., Ltd., Michinori Travel Japan. and Fukushima Bus Association.