Various Approaches for Sustainable Mobility Services


Reorganization and enhancement of routes

We form bus routes based on local characteristics by analyzing the relationship between population density and major facilities for attracting visitors in habitable areas and bus routes.

  • 1 Formation of transport networks with interconnected buses, railways, etc. (role clarification and functional categorization of each transport mode, and network reorganization)
  • 2 Formation of bus networks based on the needs of users (bus routes considering population density and facility location, and timetables in line with daily activities)
  • 3 Construction of a smooth transit environment able to demonstrate transport network functions (construction of transfer points and timetables and fares for smooth transfers)
  • 4 Introduction of mobility services that correspond to detailed needs for transit (searching out of demand, expansion of bus service zones and utilization of new mobility tech)

Maintenance and safety measures

By having specialists analyze and provide feedback on each company's maintenance and safety measures, we optimize work contents, and deploy the best practices of other companies to realize improvement across the entire group.


MaaS (Mobility as a Service)

Construction of a common database and user app that enables collective and seamless search, booking, payment and ticketing of travel that involves multiple means of transportation. We are advancing the social implementation of this through cooperation between multiple operators in different regions.


Data Platform, Real-time Bus Location System

This system enables bus operation information such as locations and estimated arrival times to be confirmed in real-time on smartphones, PCs, etc. Data is formatted according to a standard and can also be used with map services such as Google Map, etc.

Various Cashless Payments

We have introduced and operate various services such as contactless IC cards, credit cards and QR codes. These are also linked to MaaS and digital ticketing.


Demand Responsive Transport, Dynamic Routing

In bus operations, routes and timetables are varied according to bookings. While satisfying the needs of users, we also improve productivity for bus operators.


Autonomous Driving

Utilizing a variety of sensor and monitoring technologies and network technologies, we are promoting social implementation geared to local trunk transportation and last one-mile transportation, etc.

Optimization of Work Shifts and Digitization of Work Shift Management

By digitizing operations data and vehicle workflows, we have realized drastic improvements in productivity including flexible work shifts.

Digital Roll Call

To enhance the efficiency of operation management work and reduce management costs, the network keeps service offices and depots always connected, and depot roll call operations at service offices are consolidated.

Bus Electrification and Energy Management

We gather energy management know-how through actual operations and are switching to electric vehicle operations.